Knotted Headband

Here is my latest creation! The inspiration for this headband is from All About Ami.


I didn’t exactly follow her directions because I was using a different type of yarn and it would have been too big for my head. I like my hats and headbands to be a little snug so I know they are keeping my head warm! A lot of time, I feel like patterns are really more just guidelines. I usually follow the basics, but I like to add my own creative touch to each project! Also, this project is perfect if you have scraps. It doesn’t take much yarn and it would be cute with different colors. Total time was about 30 min.

Knotted Headband

I used size 6 hook (4.25 mm) and lanas choice yarn. I was using up some scrap yarn so I’m not exactly sure what colors they are.

I started out with 56 chain stitches. I measured it around my head first to check the length. I added a few more chains because as you add more stitches the yarn will tighten up a bit and you want to allow some wiggle room.

Next, I used double crochet around, then chain 3, turn. Repeat.

I used 5 rows for both my green and gray headband. This mostly covers my ear and still works as a cute daytime headband. I suggest that you try it on and see what looks and feels the best.

Once you have the desired width of the headband sew the two sides together to make a circle.
I tried two different ways to add the “dipped” look. First I pinched the headband and tied yarn around the whole band and the second I pinched the middle rows (2-4) and sewed them together. Honestly, I liked the first way the best, but you should try out different ways and see what works for you.

Then I had the a little band. I chained 8 and double crocheted 6 across. I repeated until the little band fit snugly over the dipped part of the headband. Sew the small band over the large headband.

Trim and Finish!


Comment your questions or tips and have a Merry Christmas my friends!!


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