Tulip Doily

Have you ever made a doily? I must say that it was quite a new experience for me. I usually made scarfs or hats so I am used to larger yarn and hooks. I have been wanting to make a doily for a while (to expand my crochet horizon!) and when I found this tulip doily I knew that it was the one. I absolutely adore flowers and I love that the center of this doily has one, but it also has smaller tulips around it.

I did get a little frustrated with with doily. I got about half way one and took it all out. It just wasn’t truing out the way that I thought it should, but second time was the charm!


I also got the privilege of learning how to wash a block. I was a little intimidated while reading how to do it, but I must say that it looked so much better after it was washed and blocked! I would really recommend doing it if the pattern calls for it. One tip I have is: use a lot of pins. I grabbed my sewing pins and those worked perfectly. I wanted to make sure my doily was nice and flat so I pined down every bump.


Have you ever made a dolly? I’d love to hear you thoughts and experiences!

You can find the pattern for this tulip garden doily here.


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