Treble Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern

I’m sure a lot of crocheters (and knitters!) like me were busy making something for loved ones this Christmas season. My sister wanted me to make her a couple scarfs for Christmas, which I was more than happy to do. I wanted to make her something she would really love and it would be the perfect opportunity to try something new.

So, I pulled out my trusty crochet book in search of a new stitch. I was flipping through it to find a stitch that would be good for an infinity scarf. In the past I feel like some of my scarfs have been stiff and bulky especially if I crocheted a few long rows. So I wanted to find a stitch that would be more flexible as I wrapped it around my neck. I found the treble stitch. It’s perfect!! And a bonus is that it looks different than just the normal double crochet.  It looks cute in a scarf and it creates enough of a space in between stitches that it was easily be wrapped around your neck without creating a lot of bulk.


 For this scarf I only used one skein of yarn and when I was finished crocheting the rows I laid it flat and sewed the ends together to from one but circle. It’s really easy to whip up while watching a movie or a couple of your favorite tv shows!

It’s versitile! For this pattern you can wear it as one or two loops!


Here is another variation of the pattern. It’s wider, but smaller as it only is one loop.


Treble Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern 


Row 1: Insert hook in 6th ch from hook (counts as 1st treble) then 27 treble in next 27 ch, turn.

Row 2: Ch 5 (counts as 1st treble) 27 treble, 28 total in each row.

Repeat row 2 for 41 rows, end, weave ends together and finish.


8 thoughts on “Treble Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern

  1. I am a new crocheter and am in the process of trying this scarf but just doesn’t seem right. I think I’m doing something wrong. I like the long infinity so it can be wrapped twice. Roughly how wide/how many trebles across? And I assume about 80″ before joining the ends? Thank you!

    • Hi Jan! My scarf turned to be about 9inches wide and 64 inches long. I don’t have my scarf with me, but from the picture it looks like 16 trebles. If you just keep crocheting the rows you can measure the length you desire and stop there. I think 80inches would be great. This scarf, when wrapped twice, is cowl-like. If you made yours longer then it would drape down more. Let me know if you have any other questions and I will be happy to help! Good Luck!

  2. In row 1 where it says insert hook in 6th ch from hook, what type of stitch do you do here? Single, slip-stitch? It’s a beautiful scarf, thanks for sharing!

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