Crochet Garland–Part One

One of my favorite past times is looking through crochet pins on pintrest. Something that has recently caught my eye is crochet garlands. They are simple, cute and can be used for almost anything! I love that they can be flowers, snowflakes, even pompoms! As the craft store ads came today out I’ll be shopping very soon! I thought I would share some inspirational pins I have been looking at and my thought process as I create my garland.

I know Christmas has pasted , but…Tis’ the season! I love these snowflakes, they look great on the tree and over the fireplace! And it’s never too early to start crocheting for next christmas!!


I’m also lovin’ the mixed and match feel. I think that the variety is pleasing to the eye and would be more fun to crochet! Inspiration comes from here.


I have also seen garlands hung horizontally. I think that this is a clever idea and would look good hung in a door way or even as wall art if you hung a few strands in a row.

As you know I like to have a purpose for the things I make. I’m thinking about placing this garland in my room so I’m thinking about warm colors like blues and purples!

As I work on my garland I will update you on my adventures with lots of pictures!!

Have you ever made a crochet garland? What projects are you working on this year?


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