Knit One, Pray Two

Yesterday I had the wonderful pleasure of joining some awesome ladies at my home church for Knit One, Pray Too.

Knit One, Pray Too is a group of women who make scarfs and pray for the people they are going to be given to. I have wanted to participate for a while, but I’m usually at school when they meet. I’m a little starved of crocheting company at school so it was great to be with fellow yarn lovers! I have forgotten how awesome time spent with fellow crochets can be.

I think that their mission is a great one. We (as knitters and crocheters) make such beautiful things and it’s wonderful to be able to share them with others! I can usually pump out a scarf in a couple hours, so it doesn’t take extra effort for me to give it someone in need of a little extra love.

My challenge to you: next time you have some extra time make a scarf and send up a prayer for someone who needs some extra TLC. It’s something so simple that we (as knitters and crocheters) can do and it always means so much for those who receive them. 


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