Crochet Garland–Part 2

I absolutely love flowers. They are probably in my top 10 things I love. So of course I need to have them in my garland. In Part One I said that I really like the idea of mixed motifs so I found a few flowers that I really liked and just repeated the pattern.


I actually made my first granny squares!



Here is my wonderful friend Katelyn! She was helping me model a few of the many ways one could wear a garland. She looks great in anything, but I prefer my wall to wear it. 🙂


   I had so much fun making this garland. I love the pastel colors and it was fun to make so many different flowers and squares!

I really like how this turned out and I’m excited to have it hanging in my room.


  Here is the full finished product. It came out to be 7.5′. I chained 15 slst between each flower and square.

Feel free to message me for any of the  flower patterns.

What inspires you to crochet?


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