A Crocheters Confession



This was me. I didn’t want to knit. I loved crochet. It’s awesome-you can make circles, flowers, and pretty much everything that’s not square. (I’m a little biased.) But, this weekend I had a little extra time and I taught myself to knit. There I said it. I know know how to knit.

I still prefer crochet, but I do have to say I’m pretty excited to make some sweet cables!

Have any of you joined the other side?


5 thoughts on “A Crocheters Confession

  1. I’ve tried knitting once quite a few years ago and never could quite get the hang of it. There is a young lady that sits beside me in one of my classes (yes, out of 300 she sits beside me) that makes some beautiful hats from knitting. Maybe one day I will try again but for now……I’ll stick to crocheting. Cute picture!

    • I have meet a lot of people who feel the same. And I even feel myself holding the yarn like I would in crochet while I knit. It’s fun to be able to do something different too 🙂

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