Solomon’s Knot (Love Knot) Scarf

Don’t you just love it when you find yarn you’d forgotten you had? Well,I sure do! A few days ago I was looking through my yarn stock and I found this lovely chunky yarn I had bought awhile ago. I wanted to make a chunky scarf out of it, but I wasn’t sure what stitch to use. After a little searching on the internet I found the Solomon’s Knot AKA the Love Knot.


You can find  a good tutorial here.  This scarf is pretty easy once you get the hang of the stitch. It’s basically just a very extended single crochet.  This love knot scarf doesn’t require a foundation row. And I did 5 rows of the love knot stitch.



For my scarf I used super bulky 6 weight yarn and used size 10mm N hook. I would rate it easy.

Solomon’s Knot Scarf Pattern

Row 1: 35 Solomon’s Knots, turn.

Row 2: 35 Solomon’s Knots, turn and do row 3 on the other side of row 1. Should be row 2 on top, row 1, row3 on bottom.

Row 3: 35 Solomon’s Knots, turn and do the next row like you would normally, turn.

Repeat row 3 until desired length, cut a long tail and sew 2 ends together.

Here is a diagram to help with row 3 placement.


Let me know if you have any question about the pattern, I’d love to help clear them up!

Happy Easter Everyone, He has Risen!


4 thoughts on “Solomon’s Knot (Love Knot) Scarf

  1. I crochet a scarf using this stitch around 10 years ago, using a medium weight yarn in a dark gray. It is still one of my favorite ones. Great tutorial on crocheting this great looking stitch.

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