A Crocheter’s Worst Nightmare

I’m sure it’s happened to you before. You find a pattern you like, but it’s not exactly the size you want it to be. So you just buy a little more yarn hoping it’s enough.

Well, it wasn’t.

So, now you have a project that still looks pretty good, but maybe on the small side. To an untrained eye it looks great, but every time you look at it you ask yourself: Why didn’t I buy more yearn?

That’s my story for this blanket. It defiantly does its job, I just like my blankets to completely cover me head to toe. You can find my original post here. And here is the finished project:




6 thoughts on “A Crocheter’s Worst Nightmare

  1. knitters have the same nightmare. You COULD pull it all out and use it for something else. Or give it away to a smaller person. Or ball it up and toss it in a closet. I have done all of that. It just stinks, no matter what.

    However, yours is very pretty just lying on the back of the sofa, so it has use as decoration. 🙂

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