Shell Purse

Here is a cute little purse I made for my sister’s birthday.


It’s very easy to make. All you need is some sturdy yarn, a purse rim, some fabric/tacky glue, and a little fabric.

I measured out my first row to be the same size as the rim, it took a couple tries to get it right. But, it’s important that they are close in size. Remember that yarn can stretch a little bit.  Then I crocheted it to be the length I wanted and then doubled it. I wanted to make things easy for my self so I just made a big rectangle and folded it in half so I would only have to sew 2 sides. Then I sewed up the sides. I wanted to add a fabric lining to the purse so I sewed a lining that would fit in the purse. I was basically just a rectangle folded in half and with the 2 sides sewn together.  I used  a little fabric glue to anchor the bottom and sides of the fabric to the crocheted part. Then I loaded the rim up with tacky glue (I’m no expert on sewing, but tacky glue seemed to work pretty well for me). Then I shoved the crochet part in the the rim with a little help from a pointy stick to make sure it was in there.


I loved it so much I made one for myself!! It’s a cute little pattern and the lining makes it sturdy which keeps things from falling through the holes of the crocheted part.

My purse rim was 8in so I did 4 shells for my row 1 and 3 plus 2 halfs for row 2 which equaled to be about 8in. The length was 13in total, but 6.5in for each side with 27 rows.

Shell Pattern

Foundation Row: Ch multiple of 6 plus 1, turn.

Row 1: Ch1, sk next 3 ch(not including last ch made), 5 dc in 4th ch, sk 2 ch, sc, sk 2ch, repeat until end of row ending with sc, turn.

Row 2: 3 dc in sc, sc in 3 dc of shell, 3dc in sc, repeat until end of row ending with 3 dc in last sc, turn.

Repeat row 1, row 2 until desired length.

Please let me know if the pattern is confusing and I would love to help!


Update: Here is the bag I made for myself. Shout out to my lovely sis for molding.

DSC_0353 DSC_0355


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