Crochet Towel Holder


Ever seen those cute towels with the crochet part on the top that hooks onto something? Super handy, but if you’re like my family you use towels all over the kitchen and not just were it hangs. So I cooked up this guy. Still cute and more practical for someone who moves the towel around a lot. As you can see, you just rap the top part around your towel ring, dishwasher, over, ect… and button it. The ring keeps the towel from falling, but you can still remove it to clean something across the kitchen.

Towel Holder Pattern

Uses medium weight yarn and H/8, 5mm hook. Materials included button and thread.

Pattern is  Intermediate.

Stitches used: mc(magic circle), hdc, dc cross stitch. sl st


Start with mc, 49 hdc in to the circle, sl st in to first hdc.

Ch 3, (sk next hdc, with hook going forward to back dc, in sk st going back to front dc) this is 1 dc cross stitch, repeat 5x, dc in last stitch, ch 3, turn. Total 6 dc cross stitch and 2dc.

Repeat 7 more times or until desired lengh to fit around, weave ends.

Sew the button on the middle of the first row(closest to the circle). Use the space between the cross stitches as a button whole.

The picture below is approximately where the button should go. But, sew it to the row closest to the ring and then fold over the top and use a space to create a                               button hole.


Let me know if there is something confusing about the pattern. Hope everyone have a wonderful Father’s Day!!


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