Adventures in Thrifting


As you may know thrift shopping is quite mainstream now. And it’s something I love to do! In my college town we had lots of thrift stores, some were huge and others were smaller with more cute things. The reason I love to thrift so much is I just love browsing. Kind of weird, but it calms me and I can think when I’m walking up and down rows.

I recently went with a friend who took me to some around the metro area near my home. And I got some great finds. My favorite, by far, is this yarn! I got 6 skeins for $4! Can you believe it? And it’s actually good quality yarn too.

I also found this pan, super cute. I though it was for cake, just a little bunt pan. And I was really excited to use it. When I got home, much to my dismay, my mother told me it was for jello. But, that won’t stop me (probably). I would still like to use it for cake. It’s a metal pan and I’m guessing it will hold up in the oven(probably). I need to google that.

What are you opinions, will it hold up in the oven? Have you ever gotten some really great thrift finds??


3 thoughts on “Adventures in Thrifting

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