Treat Yo Self!

I like to treat myself, a lot. Partly because the way I feel most loved and give my love is by gifts! Cake, yarn, clothes. It doesn’t really matter what, but a simple gift to myself makes my (hard) day a little better. As a fan of Parks and Rec I can’t help but think about Donna and Tom on their treat yo self day. Although, my treats come a lot more often than once a year!


Rather recently I was feeling the need to treat my self! So while shopping for some yarn I found some ginormousĀ knitting nettles (size US 50, 25mm). And I thought, “why not?”

In my opinion, knitting takes a lot longer than crocheting. And the knit scarf I am making only seems to grow in millimeters. So, I thought maybe if I use these big nettles a scarf will go much faster. Turns out I was right. I wiped out this scarf while I was watching a movie.


I am still getting to know knitting. So this scarf was kind of an experiment. I just made up what I thought would be cute for an infinity scarf. I always forget that when you cast on a lot of stitches it will be wider than what you cast on. So here are the directions! If you are not a knitter this scarf and others like it are for sale at my store.

Grey Infinity Knit Scarf Pattern

  • 1 skien of medium weight yarn aprox. 90 yards
  • size US 50, 25mm nettles
  • crochet hook or nettle for sewing ends together


Cast on 40, knit 40.

Repeat 7 more rows (8 total) and cast off. Sew the two ends together to make a circle and weave ends.


Pretty easy, I know. Happy 4th of July! And this week remember to treat yo self!!


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