Chunky Sweater

A few winters ago I made myself a sweater. It was right after Christmas and I had gotten this awesome crochet book. I picked out my pattern, bought my yarn, and made the sweater.

Let’s just say it didn’t quite turn out like the picture. I was really proud of it, I just never wore it. It was super bulky, really heavy and kind of lumpy.

I have been reading a lot about using old sweaters for their yarn and I though I should do it with this one. This was one of those projects that you stick in the back of your closet because you spent too much time on it for it to turn out badly. So, you let it live in the back of the closet for a couple years. And that’s where it was until about a week ago.

I found this great sweater pattern on lionbrand. It’s super easy, you just make a square and sew the sides leaving a hole for your arms.


I didn’t want to repeat same mistakes for this sweater so I used size Q hook with my chunky yarn. It left lots of room between stitches. If I was to make this sweater again I would like to try a thiner weight yarn with a smaller hook to make a lighter sweater.

Over all, this was a great pattern. It was really easy and turned out splendid!



Have you ever had any project disasters? I would love to hear!


2 thoughts on “Chunky Sweater

  1. Wow ! That is so cool. You should be proud. I cant even imagine trying to attempt to make that. I had a dip dye short disaster. It was when I was first experimenting with “Diy’s”. It was really bad 😛 🙂 x

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