Color Block Knit Scarf

Color blocking seems to be everywhere these days. I love adding a splash of color to make an outfit pop! It’s even better when the color pop is already in your clothes.  I thought I could incorporate color blocking into a scarf. I dug around in my yarn stash and found a new skein hot pink yarn and left over cream colored yarn. For my scarf I used more of the pink color, but you could switch their placement for a more neutral scarf with a pink pop of color.

I’m still a beginner knitter so I kept this scarf simple. Knit one row, pearl the other. I just knitted the whole scarf and sewed the ends together. Simple!


Color Block Knit Scarf Pattern

Level: Easy


  • median weight yarn
  1. about 190 yards of color 1
  2. about 95 yards of color 2
  • Size US 11, 8mm nettles
  • crochet hook, needle (to weave ends)

Using color 1 cast on

Knit entire row

Pearl entire row

Alternate K,P until about 3/4 of total desired length.

Switch to color 2

Alternate K,P until desired length (about 1/3 of total scarf length)

Cast off and sew two ends together and finish by weaving ends.

Are you digging the color block style? Let me know about any question or comments you have about the pattern!


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