Art Deco Crochet Purse Review

I am a goals person. The only way I get things done is if I make a to-do list. Like most folks in my family, I start too many projects and never finish half of them. Lists help keep me inline. This purse made my to-list this week yet, it actually got finished very quickly!

 It’s a lovely clutch and there are millions of ways to make this purse yours. I used a slightly thicker yarn than her and I needed to adjust the pattern a bit. I loved that she added fabric to the inside. It really does help the purse maintain shape and rigidity. Unlike the pattern, I used fabric glue to attach the lining to the yarn instead of sewing it. It worked out fine and was quicker.  I added a small pocket as well. Overall, I am very pleased with the clutch and I would make it again. You can find the original pattern here, by Number 19.


If you like clutches check out my post on the Shell Purse.

Have you ever knitted or crocheted a bag? How did it turn out?


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