Clusters of Fun Hat by Big Twist-A Review

Last week I was at Jo-Ann’s buying a birthday gift for a friend. I’m sure like many crafters it’s hard to just go in the the craft store and only buy one thing. I almost always have to stop by the yarn section. As I was perusing the yarn section this yarn from Big Twist caught my eye. I was drawn to the cute hat on the label, and it had the pattern. Can I say I love this yarn? It’s chunky with out being too chunky. It’s incredibly soft. Of course, for about $3 you can’t go wrong with this yarn.


This pattern was very easy to make and it comes in both adult and child sizes. Although, if I was making this hat for a man, I might add another row of increases. It fits my head a little snug and probably wouldn’t fit a man’s head.


This has is composed of cluster stitches. I also added a row of single crochet to the bottom just to give it a mice finish. I think this pattern is great and this had would make a warm hat this winter!

If you need instructions on the cluster stitch see my blog post here!


What is your craft kryptonite that you just can’t go to the store and not buy? 


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