The Basket Stitch–FPDC and BPDC

Front post double crochet (FPDC)  and  back post double crochet (BPDC) are really handy stitches to know, they are what I use to make cables in crochet. They can also make some cool patterns. If you alternate them you can make a basket stitch pattern. I would say that it’s a thicker pattern that is great for making dishcloths or pot holders.

When I first learned how to FPDC/BPDC it was hard!! The directions I used were pretty confusing and I did multiple searches on google on how to do them. I wanted to provide you with simple directions that  are (hopefully) more clear. Enjoy!

Here are instructions on how to make a front post double crochet (FPDC)  and a back post double crochet (BPDC)


Yarn over.

Then stick the hook through the stitch below. The hook should be behind the stitch.

It makes a sandwich of the pattern in the back, your hook in the middle, and the stitch in the front.


Yarn over again and pull through.


Continue as a double crochet.



Start by yarning over. Then stick the hook behind the stitch on the row below.

It’s the opposite of FPDC. Working in the back hook through the front of the stitch. It makes a sandwich of the stitch, hook, front crochet pattern.


Yarn over, pull up. Yarn over and pull through. It’s a double crochet except you either work through the front or the back of the row.

You can combine the two to make the basket stitch. It basically alternates fpdc and bpdc to make a basket pattern. Here is a small example of the basket pattern. From  left to right FPDC, BPDC.


The Basket Stitch

Foundation Row: Ch# (ch multiple of 4) plus 2.

Row 1: dc #, first 2 ch count as 1 double,turn

Row 2: repeat 4 FPDC, 4 BPDC entire row, last stitch dc, ch 2, turn

Repeat row 2, 4 times (a total of 5 rows)

Row 6: 4 BPDC, 4 FPDC entire row, last stitch dc, ch 2, turn

Repeat row 6, 4 times (five times total)

Continue alternating until finished.

Let me know if you have any questions about how to do a FPDC or BPDC or if there is something confusing about the pattern. 

Good luck and make some beautiful things!


8 thoughts on “The Basket Stitch–FPDC and BPDC

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  3. As a beginner I have a pattern that calls for fpdc 4 together and a BPHDC 4 together and I can’t figure it out. Can u please please help me

  4. Hi, this is the most clearly I’ve seen these stitches explained but, I am still not getting the bpdc…is the work itself turned? In the picture it clearly looks different than the fpdc but I really can’t see WHY it looks different….does that make sense? Lol It looks like the hook is inserted under the post just as in the fpdc but the working yarn is in a different position or something. I’m just not understanding how to do the bpdc. This is why I stick to crocheting dolls! Lol

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